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CLIMBER B.C 2019 / 2020 fall winter.

A new portfolio. A new story telling.

We examine the situations of life in a period when every meaning is about to be rewritten. ‘High Life’

We redefine meritable and supreme life styles. It is a life style in which the quality and the higher level of perception are reshaped with a more conceptual sense of responsibility than the definition of luxury.

It is another generation. Younger generation now chooses more defined identities, making more mature and character-driven decisions. Too much consumption brought selectiveness. A time for more comfortable communication. Early and easier communication and resolutions necessitated a fast dynamic life style. A deformation accumulated due to the supreme level of communication of today. The sincere and genuine communication of eyes and heart is weaker now. We are lost in the negative hypnosis of life and the speed of such life erases so many real frames. Relationships, sharing, face to face conversations, mimics and gestures are lost. Communication’s supreme level is next to zero when it comes to actual communication. The awareness about this starts creating emotional and cognitive anxieties. Thos who are aware decided to create a new life alternative, a new direction.

Selectiveness. Responsibility and a meritable life. To claim the moment, each moment of this life. Perhaps a new Renaissance, a new rebirth. A new awareness. We search for and need a new direction.

We reconnect with our lost forgotten values through new force of experience. These values are far from impositions of the society, they are just ours, something that makes us, makes us better, positive and humane, ur personal values that makes us really human.

HIGH LIFE is actually a new road option with our personal existential values that we reclaimed. Our life that starts with right kind of breathing and inhaling qualified air.

Our jobs, More than just a job, but something that we respect and find meaningful.

Our family. More than just a forced and mandatory blood connection and having the same genes, but the people that we gain meaning with, procreate and live with...

Our city, our homes, or our world, wherever we are. Somewhere we are nurtured, developed while wandering the streets, drive, just exist in our favorite locations and feel good...

Our favorite memories, designs, music, clothes, favorite actors, directors, musicians, favorite foods, cuisine, corners, locations, roads, trails…

Our real life that makes us who we are...

Aristocracy, bohemian, elegant, intellectual and so many other similar definitions in the scope of HIGH LIFE that lose their meaning in patterns and shapes.

We are at a stage where we find it important to know how human we are, how existent “here” we are and how meaningful is such existence in the big picture of life. It is a stage of those who know themselves, aware of themselves, the men of absolute truth and reality.

It is the stage of those brave people who smile when someone serves them coffee, respecting them, who ask “how are you?” and really care about the answer, sing along with the music, who take the calls from their family in the middle of a business meeting…

It is the time of those who take a chance and choose to live a life that is away from surrender and loss, a life that is qualified and real.

We internalize the stories of the songs of PATTI SMITH. She speaks of life, the stories, the poems, the words give us strength.

This is the story of those who respect all meaning that are of life...