Autumn Winter 2019/20 collection presentation of the trade mark of Climber by Cuno by started in Güneşli Central Showroom.

Collection presentation of Autumn Winter 2019/20 season of the trademark of Climber by Cuno under the theme ‘’High Life’’ started in Central Showroom in Güneşli.

Climber by Cuno carries new designs to today’s modern men having a style by its powerful design fiction each season, It presents 2019/20 Autumn-Winter trend to the pleasure of its customers via an experienced management team and a young staff.

The brand's collection offers a new sense of clothing and life in the new season. More free and more authentic. The colors are more special and interlaced. The jackets are steeper. Trousers are more esthetics, stylish cuts, natural colors and exclusive forms are dominant. Shoes, knitwear and shoes designed from special leathers are remarkable. All models have a superior elite manner.

A natural man image living with the nature but is a city man, the most familiar portrait of recent times. In the collection, there is a natural comfort and a trend concept living both of them.