“If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start.”

CLIMBER B.C.’s 2015-2016 collection takes Bukowski’s wise words as its starting point. It is a road map showing us how to get what we want in life, to be the most persistent in this pursuit and to never give up whatever it takes.

CLIMBER B.C.’s latest season takes a new approach while maintaining its attention to detail. The fresh and updated collection is as comfortable and stylish as any collection or design worked on by CLIMBER B.C., and yet again its choices in color, form and material combinations works to evoke a unique style and attitude with swagger, chic and individual aesthetic; and the vast collection provides something for all individuals. The neo classical style, perfectly suited for the world of work, displays a forboding, leader-like quality with a different perspective to most other male fashion houses. CLIMBER B.C. brings more color and more alternatives to its collections than anyone else.

The brand’s specialiality is the making of fit and slim cut forms out of different surfaces and special wools for jacket and trouser combinations that exhibit a unique balance and architectual quidity, particularly present in the square and tartan patterned pants. In the winter collection, plain and lined narrow collar white shirts feature alongside twill, filafil, melange, mixed, cotton and woollen shirts with specially designed textures.

Slim woollen trousers belong to the seasons vast pants line-up, monopeto hood with singe or double button jackets available in grey, navy or black and brown, completed by boots and other footwear forged of specially treated leather and leather belts that correspond as an accessory. The incredible harmony created when these items come together is extremely effective.

Wool and microfibers form the surface of the trenchcoat, jacket and overcoats to form a new type of outdoor wear. The overcoats, that call to mind an earlier age of writers and poets in Europe feature eye-catching collar work as well as a slimmed down quote from Bukowski, “ALL THE WAY”, giving the collection its guiding principles while giving off as much inspiration as any of Bukowski’s fine words.

In other words, with the color combinations, applications in texture and design as well as text and print designs, the collection moves in an innovative and fresh direction. Natural materials and tones harmonize with techno surface textures. Dark shades, especially chocolate, carbon and coal black, slot side by side with deep pink, navy and lead tones.

And yet there is even more. While CLIMBER B.C. displays a wide array of elite and high class items fit for the working world, this seaon CLIMBER B.C. JEANS has the most chic and exclusive denim wear you can find. Double sided indigo cloth, special homogenous wash effect and various local effected materials are available in daark navy, black, dark brown, as well as cotton pants, wool and indigo mixed denims, lycra jeans and petrol green indigo jean designs, available once again in our specialized designs.

Also available are an updated collection of metal and leather accessories designed with the same geometric precision as employed in our jean designs. Velvet and washed velvet trousers, special thick cardigans and knitwear bring a touch of class to weekend wear this winter season, with a breath of countryside, neo-folk and smart casual style.

Our new sub brand CLIMBER B.C. BLACK has a unique approach to style and fashion, aiming to lead the way in trends whilst maintaining a strict monochromatic color scale for a generation more comfortable in black. CLIMBER B.C.’s new group brings its wears to the public this winter 2015-2016 season. For the first time, the brand brandishes the spirit of PITTI UOMO for clothing that conveys the world’s livliest cities, and young urbane chic. Passionate, experiemental and contemporary fashion are all involved in the success of the CLIMBER B.C. BLACK project.

This is a brand that expresses avant garde as well as android and futuristic pretentions and a youthful, rebellious dynamism with black denim pants, specially designed knitwear and sweatshirts featuring bold print, unique and characterful jackets, topcoats and overcoats. CLIMBER B.C.’s specialized boots and footwear show this even further. A sub brand that features as its own group entirely is set to take the free spirited urban youth by storm.

CLIMBER B.C. BLACK, with its unique view of print in design, aims to raise the wearer’s conceptions of fashion to new heights. The print denim shirts, in slim and classic cut in white, black and gray, can be combined with knitted accessories and avant garde shoes and footwear cut with the finest leather. A new aesthetic for the world.

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