Compose Yourself

Mind and body exist in relation to one another, although which one feeds the other is never clear. But the soul's eternal divinity and wisdom is the space in which that special, organic and bedazzled joy that comes with trying something new in fashion comes from. The task of completing oneself is to try to compose oneself. Essentially, though – the soul must transcend the body.

Time for sophistication in style

Values are changing. A new form of perception - young and creative current permeates modern cul-ture and is affecting the world in a wave of positivity, where economic theories, social debates and cul-tural decrease in global significance, thereby at-taching greater importance to the localized. After all the experiments, we can now start throwing new and fresh ideas at the problems of today and tomorrow in a quest for answers.
Attitudes in fashion and style have been shaped by this radical shift in perception. I'm talking about the pursuit in aiming to find and illustrate what it is that makes one happy. We thus begin, with the documentary "Happy People”, which aims to iden-tify what is real in life. On that note, we have stridden towards a relaxed and sophisticated style.
We have aimed to reflect the zeal of a young amateur in art, with all it's unhesitant, somewhat naive bra-very – with the more seasoned wisdom of one who knows what is and what isn't. Whilst giving import-ance to oppositional styles, the design stage of this collection was carried out with a newly formed perception and professional sense of responsibility throughout.
A higher quality, freer and individualized season awaits, signaling a shift in the conceptions and values of global fashion. Brands are changing.
Colors, forms and styles are cool, comfortable and confident in themselves. Young and able designers, brands and experiements are reaching higher; confident and mature.
We are entering, yet again, a period of metamorphis and formation anew. We are essentially reprogram-ming ourselves. We are bringing together all the new values and accoutrements we have obtained.
Just as one composes a piece of music, we aim to express our inner selves in an external form. Our styles thus now rely on their ability to show confi-dence and allow for the imprint of one's personal stampe, ideas and attitudes.
In light of all these changes CLIMBER B.C. takes its inspiration from the theme "Compose Yourself” this season. In the name of sharing with you our positive new approach, matured through experience and nurtured by experimentation, we would like to share with you a new kind of aesthetics and style in our newly-released collection for the season.

Life as an unfinished composition

Life needs to be treated as a composition in need of completion. If your choices reflect the person you are, and your life choices grow to fruition, then this means that your life embodies your successful pursuit for results.
“Compose Yourself”, apart from simply being the name of the concept with which Climber B.C. has been grappling with this season, is actually a philosophy which finds a number of varying differences within it. Sometimes you life deserves to be reminded of its worth.
The Age of Material Man
The new contemporary man is rather fond of mate-rials. He runs after new and unique combinations to wear. All parts of life from fashion to design, involve following, using and expressing oneself in a range of materials, covers and uses of texture.
With the announcement of the title “Compose Yourself”, whilst we were in the first stages of discussing where we would take the theme, we researched and felt the materials we thought appropriate for a top class and quality life style. Now we have crafted them into so-mething we are proud of. Colorful, but not like before. We promise you will be surprised by the color palettes and characteristics of what we have designed.
Artist Iain Hales' own designs and displays in London have been a source of inspiration for the main themes and materials. And in this sense, Hales' interpretation of current trends has been widely accepted. For Winter 2014-15, CLIMBER B.C's design installations have aimed to inspire in turn, in terms of their color, material and form.
Looking at our new range, one can identify a number of reflections we had at the design phase, upon the nature of the collection. Special patchwork effects and eye-catching designs demonstrate this foremost, but so do local traditional print designs and the whole form. 3D micro materials come together with effective use of relief patterns.
A Natural Phenomenon
This is the birth of a phenomenon. An fresh sense of awe, a style with attitude. Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka's Italian Mutina clothing brand gives us a number of points of inspiration in this season, as yet again, we try to mould a shape out of ceramic effects. His elite collection, it cannot be understated, was indeed an inspiration to us.
Perfection, mathematics and methodical aestheticism have been our guiding principles. More tonage is one characteristic which has been the product of this, and we have covered many items with a monochrome effect. A striking balance in plain, block forms has been the result, with a host of luxurious, geometric, chic and nieve details in form… Everyone is returning to texture.
CLIMBER B.C's new season range has been crafted with a love of design, a rich tapestry of thought and concepts, resulting simple and smart items, with no detail left unthought of; A return to aesthetic quality details strong in high class quality and style.
English Gentleman and Dandyism
This season's specialities are knitted jackets, wooly sweaters, cardigans and print and embroidered designs, long scarves, wool and knitwear, luxury leather gloves. If that doesn't make a statement, then what does.
Wool trenchcoats, hooden knitwear and water-proofs woven with the same material and in the same style, with a form that stands out. Knitwear and cardigans are spun on their head with the addition of 3D metal prints emblazoned upon them.
Our range in men's pants has the 1960s look written all over them, but with an unmistakably cool, plain style. This group includes relief, faded effect jeans. A masculine collage of design, with pants that evoke a poetic or artistic soul, which looks great combined with woolen tweed style texture with cotton and with durable quality. Leather gloves have been featured in our collections before, yet this season features designs which take more inspiration from an aristocratic English gentry style, and Dandyist approach from the turn of the century.
Buttoned collar shirts, micro tartan effect and special design characteristics of various styles woven into the fabrics. Astari feathered and English street-style jackets are designed with ‘worker' and ‘street' themes in mind, creating a youthful exhuberence.
James Joyce, Yeats, Thomas Hardy, Oscard Wilde and their poetic and creative contemporaries from the era have been a source of inspiration in our choice of colors, materials and style.

Behind the look: Andrea Marcaccini

Hailing from the land of good food and warm people, cool in both personality and style; with a flair for performance, Andrea Marcaccini is a man who always gives it his all. Not least when of all when he joins us again this season as not simply Climber B.C.'s main model, but as one of the Italian fashion industry's most distinguishable faces.

Andrea Marcaccini began the Climber B.C. leg of his career last season in our “Tomorrow's World”-themed collection. This season he joins us again to represent the face of our “Compose Yourself” range.

It is self-evident that Maraccini takes the job of being a model very seriously – but that doesn't mean that he has any of the capriciousness stereotypical of the serious model type. He had barely finished school when he was absorbed into the world of fashion. In the blink of an eye he'd gone from a quiet life in a small town in the middle of Italy, to posing for some of the biggest designers in the world.

STYLE UP - Proposals by UMIT UNAL


From now on it won't be as easy to match your previous choices with the colors of the season. There are different ways now. In terms of color, we are approaching a challenging time. Navy goes with black, green with royal blue, heavy black with grey tones, white shirts and slim pants.

Style is becoming more creative and comfortable.

You need a fashion advisor – your choice decide the root which your life is set to take.

There's no escape!

A good collection needs good quality design and yields great combinations. Climber B.C.'s 14/15 winter season offers you a number of very special items. We are offering a way to solve the problem of reading current trends and staying true to your personal style. We aim to get you to where the season's truest alternative iteams.

“Compose Yourself” is the right name for the collection; asking us to re-experience ourselves and feel our reinvigoration and existence renewed. The new season's harmony must subscribe to this vision.

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