To dream during the day, after descending to earth from the nights inspiration filled wings...This is a real life fairy tale, which touches the heart of the truth and which pushes the pulse to edge. I see dreams. Now here is a soul within me that is fleeting to the far off lands.


Instincts are my most primitive expressions. Time to own up to them.

You will find yourself awakening in new molds. Don't wait to take a further step into the adventure. You are now at the threshold of dreams you were afraid to see.

Make Me A Monster

Climber is marking out a positive and productive man this time. The men marked out by Climber are radiating light in the context of creativity that is the present of the world and the universe. This time life revolves around the proximity/axis of these men. We are held captive by the infinite honuour ability and an intelligent logic. Does the reality that is being experienced around us, ours? How positive or how dynamic is our evaluation? That is all.

We are erasing pessimistic truths. We are more powerful, we are having fun and are making people smile. Monsters are transformed into our closest friends and we astound our own crowd by saying "Transmogrify me into monster!".

We rewrite, nay we rewrite daily, own truths. As the crowd pulsates we expand and multiply. We have a superior, creative, positive and humourous perspective on everything. This is daydreaming. We are tirelessly pushing life towards dreams, dreams towards life.

We dream now while awake not while asleep maybe at even higher levels of consciousness. I have a dream. Another roadmap. These days we are asking the person facing us "Before you tell me your name, tell me if you have dreams".

My friends a monster. It's now my turn . Make me a monster as well!


Winter is long and exhausting. Or while its affecting the world with deeper harshness, we are living dynamically by means of a new approach. Thus the fashion world acquires a more extreme, balanced, courageous, intellectual and avant-garde expression. we work and our sketches, approaches concepts are metamorphosed into climber signature designs.

Climber is commuting its androgynous designs into a new line. It is expressing its work with richer variances on wider range. Thus we are able to execute freer and more distinctive designs.

While Climber Jeans Fashion Line supplements the basic spirit of the familiar denim with Denim Project ; as Climber designers we become your new solution partners in compliance with every anatomical variance and physical body characteristic.

Using easy fit, standard fit, regular fit-low rise, relaxed fit, original fit and loose fit criteria, we now design our denims in all details.

While Climber Elite is bringing new classical solutions to the fashion world with an elitist approach, we are presenting our collection with a new colorful and surprise filled expression. We are reflecting these spiritual nuances in all the details, sometimes in the forms and sometimes in the accessories.

We have a more colourful expression in our winter designs. A serious knitwear, denim and non-denim trousers, jackets and outerwear are all very rich. Specially in our shoe designs, we have prepared unbelievable choices. As for Climber Underwear we have prepared very special slip-boxer alternatives. While preparing the special slogans, colours and graphics and the inimitable details, we are very confident of our power.

And in the trendy section of the Climber Jeans group, we are summarizing the new generation trends in the form and stitching areas. Special washing and inlay surfaces are more courageous than in all the previous Climber formats.

On special surfaces belonging to clean-raw-vintage and pop up styles, this winter we are revamping the professional jeans philosophy to another lofty level.


Coated. Dark navies. Metallic approachs. Unisex avantgarde forms.

Dark Shades. Denim&Denim Looks.

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