Mind and body exist in relation to one another, although which one feeds the other is never clear. But the soul's eternal divinity and wisdom is the space in which that special, organic and bedazzled joy that comes with trying something new in fashion comes from. The task of completing oneself is to try to compose oneself. Essentially, though – the soul must transcend the body.

a Story of Metropolitanism

Energy of the city gains acceleration. Dynamics are changing and expectations are varying. Apparel is not only a cover any longer. It is the reflection of a soul and an expression now. Apparel is the life itself and the biggest motto of the person. Climber has left another threshold behind. Each one of the designs bringing a very different point of view to life whispers something unheard before into the ears. We talk about a brand entering into the same showcase with world brands. About the golden age of a brand...

City dweller, whose faculty of empathy has developed, is contentious... A metropolitan. This is the story of a metropolitan ism go beyond the borders of a world city. This is the story of Climber.

Those Getting Out from the Design Room

In the design room of Climber creating a difference with Its collections and being a brand growing day after day, there are very esteemed names and talents. The time to know them had come. For this reason, we have come together and everybody has tried to tell about Climber and the collection, that is to say, the entire process from point of their views. Here is what remained from that talk.

Zekeriya Samsama, the brand director, is at the same time in the Board of Directors, Ümit Ünal is the fashion consultant of the brand. ┼×afak Tokur designs the upper group of the collection.

Ümit Ünal tells about the process saying: "The Board of Directors had a leading idea about development of the design department in order to underline the innovative and mobile aspect of Climber, This season, the first step has been taken with participation of new friends. That&'s why ┼×afak is among us. Despite his young age, he has been in the fashion world all along and has much experience and knowledge on the subject, He has both many national and international successes, He prepared very important things in the new collection of Climber for upper group,"


"Casual-chic" is transformed into the most important attitude of man in life with a new vision, Leather bags in red brown shades bearing vintage details, made in nostalgie-modem form are producing an impressive harmony with grey and black or stone colors.

Special collections for tlhose who want to experiencethe taste of being chic and different with necklaces and wrist straps designed with leather and metal combination, Being a stylish penwn is now oonoealed in details,

They are the best accessories that shou Id be found in your wardrobe with their elegance as well as with their designs, A brown or black beg provides a much more quality appearance.

Under the heading of underwear, striped and plain boxer options are being presented, Denim trousers in dark colors are being formed with special metal grips from the leather and the derivatives thereof in matting baits, Contrast white and silvery grey contours are articulated onto dark backgrounds,

We observe the classical designs and forms In shoes on surfaces resembling to matting. Classical-nostalgic designs approximate to casual-chic theme.

Refined Passions

To produce. To carry the design and collection enthusiasm to tongue, eye. podium and life in its calmest form. May be sometimes, for this reason, I do not want to understand another new detail coming onto each detail to come into collision with each other. My objective is not casting out or throwing outside the line either, However, neither do I want to give up my passion for baring my soul or sharing,

As a designer in my earlier periods, it cannot be said that | did not use details one after anotner bountifully. However, this sesthetital form I perceive in a verse taste nowadays gets me inside of it more, Maybe that&'s why I miss these with similar depths as I see the designs and colloections of John Richmond. J I Sarder, Valentino* Marni and the like... Their common sides are that they tell about the most things wth the least details, Their skills being able 10 achieve this. The mostimportant criterion is, in fact, this in developeddesigns and brands, Climber Jeans starts this period, It is participating in the fashion world resembling other Brands having grouted passion with its pictorial standing and the sign of the world belonging to us and Adding ts own nature, Climber Jeans sits in the Coordination combining mathematical equilibrium with aesthetic.

Ümit Ünal

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