The traces of the mass escape foreshadowing the renaissance are gone by. This is the beginning of a new epoch. This is an epoch of giving ear to one's own inner sound rather than to the grumbling chaos of the crowds and to the humming of the cities... What makes one distinct, differentiated... The The souls are now oscillating on a fine line drawing apart millions of lives... Each time, life builds itself again; in order to change, progress, and win...

A New Milestone After The Big Escape

The mass escape is ultimately accomplished! The man, purified from all the hackneying symbols, tags, and masks, hit the road for a new adventure toward his prime target. Inner voice... The chaos of cities, indistinctness caused by the co-occupancy in cities, and the desperation caused by the daily routine... All of them are gone by!

Who cares about the news of the new day! People now have their own agenda concentrating on one's self-being! A person liberalizes himself by confiding in self inner voice. The modern man, enriching his experience and turning his wishes to concrete steps, is now returning to himself. The big day is now nearer! The victory of soul is now nearer than it is expected!


At every attempt, we focus on finding out the answer for the question “What is new?”. We often direct the question “Is this a designation syndrome?” ourselves too. After an intense and exhausting period, how can the aesthetic remaining from the previous season, and designation details can be improved; by following which inspiration the motivation line can be pushed forward? From one side, all these questions are assiduously attempted to be answered in different ways by a designation crew; from another side, the responsibility relating to the carrying-over this perception to the streets preoccupies in our minds. Moreover, this responsibility stands against us with its overwhelming challenges, problems, and dead ends.
A description of season, relating to the moments of an individual settles in minds. We sense it very intensively. Seasons are simply daily and momentous now. While colors catch a dynamic uptrend, indeed, while summer and spring attitudes of that day were major trends; more tranquil times symbolize winter and autumn. This is why we, Climber designers, after all, create new forms through analyzing the clues and situations of every season. This is the approach prevailing in our decisions of color, surface, texture, and pattern.  
Inner Voice Winter 2010 epitomizes enthusiastic movement of individuals on the streets without giving-up their inner voice in their daily life. For the ones who are inspired from their own inner voice and assimilated the Climber spirit, we created a new integrity with new reflections beyond the conceivable, and hit a new road for the individuals, who focus on Climber style. During this journey, Climber feeds itself with the inspirations obtained at every stop. By maintaining its quality through providing the tastes of the past, it unifies its new name with its connection with the past.
At every stage of the designation process of winter season, in the expressions of form, color, surface, and texture, the most representative designations of the characteristics of the season come up into the frame. In the designated product groups the step-by-step progressing mathematical designs are following easily perceptible process beginnings. When you look at the Climber pants groups, at the clean and easily perceptible basic pants, you will see the surfaces fabricated by minute movements and composed by ornate components applied to the surface.   
Additionally, at fit pants group, innovatively, experimentally, and mathematically invented cutting details took place and new outlooks inspired by modern perception were designated. The new perception of the fit pants group was tried to be depicted with the mathematical graphic expressions composed by the embroidery ornaments on the surface and the visual artifices composed of metal constriction components with different sizes. The knit group, as the supporter of this group, consists of the products galvanized with the prints composed of different textile surfaces, and the embroidery ornaments.    
The products, embodied by the inner details consonant with the loose perception of winter, and quilted surfaces composed of distinct mathematical inventions, were also enriched with “inner voice” ornaments. In tricot designations, the expressions composed of structural tissue designations took place, as well as quilt coated and looser products were created with the intention to form a corresponding perception with the knit-works. Besides, in coat group, functional and crafted mathematical details, which facilitate a convenient transition with the other groups, and innovative designations, took place. 

Small Details & Deep Meanings

With simplest words, it is the reflection of the contemporary with an individualized approach. Climber, carries its elite fashion perception into the indispensables of individual. As a way of self-expression, it is the indicator of existence through decisions. The most linear and simplest expression of time is better perceived with Climber 2010 winter designs; and, these designs add a distinct motivation to one's self-confidence. They enrich one's stance, view, and body language.

Among the Climber 2010 winter designs the most variant progress is that Climber man attained a new style of collection that started to be built with a classic-business style and now enriched the fashion culture of the recent times.

Classic-business is expressing its life philosophy with its assertive designs, special leather shoes, bags, and accessories once again at its zenith as a Climber concept. With a more powerful and more elite style...

Armured surfaces, armured tissue and patterned accessories, leather belts with metal buckles, shirts with angular and special collars, special covering and buttoning details, bright touches, satin cinctures, contours, tight designs, patent leather and glistening shoes... A modern “couture” concept is now characterizing Climber designs.

All Expectations Should be High !

The bold designs at the elite fashion line display a new and elegantly-classic stage of expression. This is a season qualified as “totally modern”. Quite artistic and design originated. A true transformation and change at every component also embodies the most effective side of Climber this season

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