Go into your shell, stay there for the sunshine of a new day... Affirm the infinite negativity of everything with infinite positivity. Now I desire for a new world. I do not need to shout to express myself. A new form of existence. New skin, a new touch of a new season.


All the resentments within the souls go by the board, get wet and the consciousness is cleaned. Now, after pain and sorrow, more mature hearts beat in the rib cages. The deep melancholy spreads to the world from the horizon. Dreams go beyond the international date line. A milestone is being created. A new world is being desired. The new season is approaching.

A Season of Changes and Innovations

Change again. Without fatigue. Each new step brings us to another road map. Love for Design, this is a qualified pleasure serial related to humanity. Its qualifications related to style, method and smart lines are high.

Climber B.C. is now more busy. Each season carries itself to an international position with new projects without preparations. While Climber brings new effects on avant-garde models in fashion, it is pioneering different and unique styles. Climber Jeans is carrying dynamism upward. It brings another chicness perception to daily life. Climber Elite is more formal, more selective and stylish. In fact, each model seems smarter in the world of BC Climber.

And we expect a novelty for a long time! Climber She. A ‘'she'' description that we emphasize its first experimentality and that will finish its style in the new season. Climber is effective in women's clothing. Smart, stylish and avant-garde. She Climber brings you a rich palette of design. Dozens of new molds, forms, color combinations and claims.

We are growing, are spreading. Written in minds and hearts. Our style is pronounced. Our difference is more privileged. More courageous, more productive and more innovative. We are improving.

We speak...the design team, models, managers... infinitely speak. About life, about fashion, design and fiction.

We listen to the people, streets and stylish leading fashion lovers. And again a competence work we bring: Melancholia. We emphasize Melancholia theme as a sign of discrimination belonging to a form of a stance in 2013-14 winter models. A philosophical term belonging to an individual. Awareness and after that serenity. Affirmation, expectations and roads related to him. We define an era dedicated to people who finds a new universe in their inner depths.

Melancholia is a different reference to the perception that searches a new form to today's fatigue of the world. We, as B.C., wish a new style universe that brings a style. We work and produce at every stage of fashion. We would like to write a history that is a sampling because of its energy and the difference.

Melancholia and A New Maturity Age

Road map determinig the designing creation marks us the line that we don't want to leave. And it actually determines the next season's identity when each of them ends. Presumably like the life. It is the taste of experience. The new season and the previous experiences. That's why we perceive each season one with in the other from different view as Climber designers.

After the “Party's Over” concept, we pass to another dynamic with is more stable. Our new fiction is about a human who is searching for a different world and wanting to live a new start more truely with the experiences. This is an expression about many people, many emotion, exhaustment, expectation and hope. With the recalling definition that we took from master director Lars Von Trier's last film “Melancholia” This is the name of a planet.

It is actually about a new start. A more stable stop that starts with extinction. Deep, toughtfull, distant and more individual. It has deep colours instead of colourlessness. It has wide rich tonations and tides. Our aim as Climber designers is not to create products only. We know that each creation gain inspiration from an approach or an expression. Actually each creation is a kind of expression type and shape. Even if we touch upon an new life pursuit, our respect sense to planet is at high levels.

We want the Climber lovers feel good. We want each individual reaching to Climber designs to reach to a case apart from buying a product and wearing it. Our designs are a sharing channel for us. Watching together, thinking, creating ideas are what we present for living.

We live the melancholia situation a little depressively. But our concept is “Melancholia”. It has differences. It has a completion situation. It is a stage. It is a new maturity age. It is a being- depletion condition. That's why it is not agressive. Framing with this kind of definition brings us a different periodical exam with it.

The master collection. 2013-2014 winter collection is a reflection of mastership. It is a presentation that has heavy filming visuals, illusions and differentiation details.

We worked with a new model appropriate to the concept. A new face coming from Stockholm. Erik A.

A very special young. I suppose that there is not a more special one for Melancholia. Photographs bring a different deep meaning to Climber 2013-2014 winter stance. There are signs of master photograph actress Sedef Delen again on each frame.

Frames that is thinking a little. Pictures belonging to a new life. Climber creations and Melancholia.

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