The remains of big escape that indicates the re-incarnation has already passed. This is the beginning of a brand new era. This is an inner relaxation against the loudness of crowds and noise of the city. Spirits go back and forth in the thin lines that separate the lives of the millions. Life rebuilds itself... To change, improve and win..

Kingdom is re-interpreted

This is not a kingdom or empire. Restructuring the life energy with the situation of creating a personal space… A private way of construction…This is a kingdom that assembles the beliefs and existence together. A kingdom that makes it original and “you”.

Forcing and improving his own standards; a person that approaches the next day with more logical emotions… Boundaries are not flexible. Indicating the life experiences by being distant… Unreachable and respected meaning in his disposition… Portraying with all these qualities, the man that deserves the respect…The man who is aware of his creativity, and makes the entire universe feel the respect that he earned.

My Kingdom.

A virtue that recognizes the existence of another Kingdom when we get to the boundary of a different life…

2010 summer… Climber re-interprets the kingdom in where we added new experiences. With a new fashion axis, courageous, original and philosophical...

I, The Kingdom

A new comment, a new saying and a new eye… Kingdom, established in the personal, is being described by totally new expressions. Where the story picks up, person defends his own competency against the clichés. To stand strong in the new world, you need to declare yourself...

After the winter collection that reflected its strongest exposition, the Climber designers' team, listening to intuitions in the previous season, goes through hesitancy in its own kingdom on this new stop, summer 2010. It focuses into the excitement of itself and surroundings, thread of life and meeting everything it is related to.

It realizes and reflects the esthetics and power of making its own choices through whatever the reason of appreciating life. At the harmony of trends and commonalities, it presents its existence and power without being resigned.

In the 2010 Climber summer collection with My Kingdom concept, the personal rights are shared, and re-analyzed to measure the compatibility with the target group. New design perceptions and these rights get aligned to each other.

Design that makes the persons on the polyphonic street communicate easily although each one speaks a different language. He finds his part on this stage with the Kingdom he created in Climber.

Obvious in the entire product line, the Climber Jeans' man, who is closest to the streets in the design jargon, reveals his most powerful side on the images and the design. Satisfying the street that demands innovative washing effects and accessories, and wide color options, denim fits the new anatomic measures. Climber Jeans higher group supports the lower group and in this harmony, denim line is photographed and portrayed through organic, geometrical and experimental design.

Setting the most minimalist attitude of the group, Climber B.C. man sticks out as hard-working by staying away from the streets and commonly known in work force focusing on the team spirit mentality

The perception that Elite group creates addresses the chic and high class man that adjusts his original self to time and place.

true stories & inspiritions

2010 brings new suffixes to thenew term. We are constructing it with an approach of starting all over again.

Climber joined in to the World Fashion with the newest feeling. It is a rhythm guiding and leading.

A self kingdom turns info a cosmos kingdom.

*My kingdom underlines 'the actual thing is to respect what I have' With a new attiude and style apporoach. No urging. With a style understanding of what you have is what at top.

2010 Summer and Climber B.C, makes the business world's formal dresing taste evolve.

Noe- business

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