Summer of 2012. Climber. It remarks being the best style with the plainest aspect this time. Starting point is that. Colors. Forms. Combinations. Proposals. Stories written about it. Scenarios. Shoot frames. Silhouette of people. Posture of people having differences of character and rhythm. A station of charging against to all responsibilities related to life or decreasing color case. One of hundreds.


Finding costumes suitable for soul of night. Making voice of conscience to be listened by them. Each night means a new story. Knowing how to rescue each time. Being able to deal with. A bright red neon blinking in darkness. Stridor of this opened door of night. Don`t you wonder what is happening inside?

Turn To Night

Climber tells this beginning concerning a break moment and after it through lights and party colors belonging to night world this time.

Party's over. Our journey is to the rhythm stops that carry him to smart stations belonging to music, dance, crowd and nights this time. House party. Also we refer a season obsessed in sites. We are interested in stylings spreading to most stylish or cool styles. Even the most sportive details are presented in more elite manner.

These gathering together cases at nights are actually fantastic fashion parties. Perfumes. Chats while smoking at terrace or doorstep. Music spreading from inside to universe and covering the whole universe. And new introductions. Headaches remaining from night to then next one.

Humourist Climber mentioned as “make me a monster” in previous designs takes place in sharing atmosphere with other people who think as him this time. He laughs. He dances. He stays with people longer and up all night. He doesn`t challenge life even a moment. He lets himself to the moment.

Come Undone from Robbie Williams in our mind. And a film. Coffee and Cigarettes. Jim Jarmusch.

Fine Lines in Respect of Life

The things changing are actually life styles not postures. Understandings, approaches and results are in a differentiation process. Of course, trends adapted in short-interval time and limited, compelling styles are not still present. Presentations to requirements. Privileged demands or aesthetic expectations.

Androgynous approaches are at significant rise. Unisex life style. Dressing and sharings. More innovative forms. Simplicity of modern forms. Semi toning being less meaningful and colorful. Sole life styles. Climber Androgen adds a little bit color in loneliness. Yellow is star. It accompanies to grey and black.

Climber Elite presents an elegant expression with sky blue and gridelin tonings for summer. Forms are again elite ones. Quiet and cool. And Climber Jeans presents, indigo tonings and sharpest expression from red to orange by innovative forms to its existence starting with white in fashion world.

New icon faces from frames of movies in worldwide movies. Styles similar to Charlotte Gainsbourg. Nordic music groups. Sigur Rós. And their dressing and posture styles. Emotional maps in “Hope Mountain” song of “Another World” album of Antony Hegarty and gorgeous starting points in new loneliness. Of course, loneliness trend is not on negative point. On the contrary, a hope from a positive point to humanism acts without devotion in understanding each other, individual freedoms.


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