A new door opens under the guidance of intuitions. A new story commences that is going to be experienced at the edge of ultimate esthetic sense that the human mind, consciousness can reach. This is brand new point of view in which dreams beyond reason transforms into designs. The shining selfishness of pleasures passes through untouched feelings.


The passionate journey of a thinking mind yields results. The quest for perfection that emerges from the alliance of mind and heart, and a completely other form of reading a mind. Going beyond the mind doesn't entail losing the feelings. A new kind of feeling and reason. A metamorphosis. An adaptation. And a purification for the body. A fresh start for everything.


Hyperactive, perfection, techno-dynamics, ultraspeed and supramind... All of these concepts turn into unique designs.

For the 2013 Climber B.C Summer season, we share with you the outcome of a very special creation that's made of innovative forms and textures, a special color palette and rich monochromatic tones.

During the process of creating this collection, there are some references that we often came into contact with. Flawless forms hinding at the works of Filippo Perini and Maison Martin Margielain the Palais de Chaillot in Paris as well as Le Ciel Bleu, Osaka, Japan -everything made by the German artists Thomas Demand includes some of these references.

The works and interviews of the English poet and novelist Joe Dunthrone as well as everything that's said about the east of London are also inspirations.

And on top of all, we of course add the Istanbul Biennial but from another perspective - the sense of perfection. Actually the same approach but from a reverse angle...

We prepared a collection in which we placed great emphasis on details. Metal accessories, leather and leather effects, plain and elegant forms, special t-shirt prints, and conceptual designs are the most prominent details. Alongside these, comfortable and sexy cuts, free and genuine forms, washed surfaces. We brought together our experience in color that takes references from the ICC Intercolor color result and the special color palette with our combinations. Thus, Elite, Androgynous and Jean comes forth with new equations.

Yellow and matte yellows are the most special summer references that pertain to blue. White, medium greens, gray and beige combinations are at the forefront.

Climber B.C. leads to a different kind of addiction with a significant increase in Jean details in each new season and now it's again very dynamic and very classy with its elite style through its androgynous fashion attitude.


The path we have chosen this time is a sign of the superiority of the mind. It's rather a brief exposé of the times we're in, approached from another perspective. Perfectionism. Spotlessness. A rather mechanic testimony of existence.

The perfection that's introduced to the human mind by the android and technological mobility. The Climber Design Team points at a new understanding of perspective. At a time when there are many repetitions, there actually exists a “supramind” in the details of new films, videos, music videos and games.

A new generation and a new language. What we call attention to, is actually the new generation's attitude on this emphasis of “supramind” in all its aspects. Ways of expressing oneself. Flawlessness and actually the ups and downs that exist in perfect expressions.

Rather than one-sided approaches, it seems right to us to be inspired by all extremities. For this season, we wanted to create a 2013 summer collection of Climber B.C. along these dilemmas. On the one hand, technological improvements bring forth results that are almost of superior intelligence. Nevertheless, we designers also start off from our indispensable departure point of seizing clues on being human, on being natural, and from narrating and interpreting these clues.

These are the most efficient values closest to a designer. And in 2013, looking at the future from the present day with a clear vision, through futuristic details, means that we are able to be inspired by hundreds of details that are either right or wrong. We are creating. We are interpreting. And we cite from life for fashion and turn them into forms.

Climber B.C. is adding to the world moda centers one more else and building new edifice in Laleli, Istanbul. This buillding is breaking all standarts by its slyle. High architecture represents a strong brand's image. This new building attracts attention with modern forms and exquisite athmosphere of metropolitan.
The energy of Istanbul is developing into new stage. Something is starting to act. The dynamic is changing and wishes world of fashion is changing as well. Dress is not just a shell now. Noe is a reflect of soul and lifestyle. Maybe more. A motto of a person. Climber is going on to strengthen the image of brand.
Climber is building new stages on the way of man fashion's problem decision with innovatory point of view. Designs of Climber B.C. brand attract attention with their differents, set the direction for the style. Practically it is a newest shape of man. Climber is transfering its philosophy to conseption  of store and win interest by new fashion center opening in Laleli, Istanbul.
This building forms lineament part in common architectural mosaic of region and combine on its disign technology and power of human thougth. Modern decorated the Climber building is growing to laminated dynamic constuction and attract privileged looks.
Climber left difficulties behind. In the structure of the building can also be seen  the refined line, which reached the brand, and behind it the city dweller, the character resolute and always striving for the top, with the developed capacity for empathy. Broader showcases produce more metropolitan touch. Now all is more bright. Porous borders of glass between the products even more noticeable. Easy driving and provides quite a close connection that thin line allows guests to become a part of this world.
Several windows, designed in the shape of a cube represent different lines of clothing at one time and in one shot, and you can easily see what you need. At this center of fashion, where all the strokes interwoven, designs is addressed to the soul of everyone.
The purpose of decoration and furniture is to care for the comfort of visitors. Connecting both sophistry, modern and real chic architectural style of the building represents self-confidence and the courage of the brand. Shop corresponds to modern trends in terms of lighting and usage of physical space. Wide floor-to-ceiling windows and design supported by high ceilings give a feeling of freshness and create the illusion of depth. Lighting with daylight solves the problem of the lack of light. With the help of modern design provides aesthetics, quality and maximum benefits. Coming to the forefront iconic design of the building is dynamic like Istanbul.

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