Innovative and entrancing,

Details have come to the fore, in a time expressed in details above all else, The contrast of light and dark shades project a visual narrative reflecting the awesome harmony of a new world.

The world of tomorrow actually belongs to the narrative of today. Clearer and more captivating, Chic and casual, An individual attitude that doesn't do the professional look, A dynamism belonging to life, And a dream in personal solutions.

Voices of Tomorrow

Experimenting with new things is all well and good, but I don't think it is always that wise an attitude. Those who change their whole identity too often can not amount to anything due to the fact, I think, that sometimes fitting tens of items into one of fashion's six month cycles too much of a burden to shoulder.

The times stress less the reflection of trends and more simple synthesis. It's as clear as stated. Moreover, the current age promotes reaching out to the most authentic state of a brand on its own terms. This is a welcomed return. Relaxed and unfussed.

We've lined up the new season for you, ready to receive the obligatory commentary. The main thing we'd like to point out is the fact that nothing is going to be like it was before. It's like an illusion, we are talking about clothing styles that convey meaning and give a breath of fresh air. There are many symbols and representations of the symbolic, subsequently followed by a performance called ‘Tomorrow's World'.

Innovative and Hypnotic

Cotton jackets, casual form and scale trousers, special voile and cotton shirts, print and graphic details, all captured on camera… 2014's summer male fashion has never been so authentic.
The world of tomorrow. Or the journey of tomorrow's world, rather, will be a completely different experience. The old relationships, along with yesterday's geography in its entirety have changed and tilted to a more passive axis. The effect of the new political, cultural, stylistic and life-style issues, economic pressures and new alternative life-styles.
There are no groups or movements which are natural and true to themselves. Most strikingly, this is a real issue, and for the most part it doesn't follow any particular emotion. You follow the way of life you believe in, follow your own paths. The gap between generations is more bridgeable. In the absence of age, the concept of growing old is beginning to lose its importance to more dynamic and experimental forces in life.
Production and design.. The design phase is not a luxury. Every individual is more creative and puts a more creativity on  a pedestal. Humour, sense of fun and emotional intelligence have now come more to the fore.
There is a common language of design. Virtual memory, Instagram archives, sharing, freer identities and more distinctive relationships without the sense of obligation, with a more friendly vibe. Communication doesn't hold you hostage. If you want, you can very easily up and leave, and come back when you feel.
This season we want to reveal different surprises, where we draw our own limitations. Thus, we have added a special new palette to the kind of approaches we've already tired of. For the “Tomorrow's World” theme, a whole new scale of colour was needed to be brought in. Brave colours, combinations and more positive life styles were all called up. Every colour, idea and approach is worth a chance in its own right.
The biggest imprisonment is actually being hesitant towards others. However, life, as you truly perceive it, depends on how far you can live according to your own reality.
For this reason, we have prepared a special service just for you. Your brand choices must be meaningful and suit your mood. Conceptualising tomorrow's world from today, it is possible that we will eliminate the gaps in the void between us. The toughest part is listening and being able to understand those voids.
We have took it upon ourselves to ensure you listen, understand and the style you can enjoy in tomorrow's world with Climber B.C. We shape, design and understand, because we love life. We love the concept of tomorrow… At least as much as today.
Innovative and hypnotic. At a place in time expressed in minute detail, details have gained in importance. Graphic expression reflected in the contrasts of light and dark working in simultaneous harmony, reflect the new world.
This taste for flexibility in life calls for an innovative attitude, but never demands as such. Flexibility is reflected more in the styles. Flexibility and eclecticism exist where in the day of all, there were too many demands.
Because of this spirit of change, trends are changing by the day. It is more convincing, more simple, more accessible and essentially, more disposable. We want to highlight this new reality.
The world of tomorrow is starting point for our designs. Every design is set to prepare you for the tomorrow enshrined in today. Facile combos, designs old and new, harmonious and contrasting aesthetics,multi-part, opaque and suitable for every-day wear. We have entered a new period of men's casual clothing: We now give the utmost individual identity.

The Embodiment of Breaking the Mold: Andrea Marcaccini

Shots from Climber's latest season are the product of a world famous talent. Contrary to the stance in which full body-encompassing sleeves of tattoos give off a meaningless tough guy attitude, they can embody her optimistic, a prejudice-reversing spirit of love. She has been one of the Italian fashion industry's greatest gifts. Her colour is red, she is crazy for music, knows karate and has no limits. Her cool, unique, enticing sytle and fun personality has made her the face of Climber's new season – it is of course, Andrea Marcaccini.

Because this year's special collection has been prepared with rather colorful and experimental features, it actually requires a little introduction. Though all the selections on display possess splendid harmonic characteristics, Climber B.C's ‘Tomorrow's World' collection contains various new designs, with different combinations and brand new looks increasing your possibility to mix and match.

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