Knowledge of the art of stitching, in terms
of shaping the vestments according to the
human figure requires an incredible amount
of experience, expertise and manpower.

The whole production of the jacket rests
on the CLIMBER B.C. design team’s
imagination and expert craftsmanship.

Working directly with fabrics, the team
finalize the designs according to how
they sit on the model. The most important
thing for any tailor is the cut.
Then, the template of the design is adjusted and
the main cuts required of the item are chalked out.

The big next step, the most important in the
whole process, is perfecting the template – from
which the essence of the design is formed.

Collar, cuff, panels, they all begin with a
craftsman’s delicate cuttings. After this,
the tailor can get on with the details of the design.
With careful handiwork and stitching,
canvas is pinned to the material and
together with CLIMBER B.C.’s

revered craftsmanship the jacket is
brought to life and the contours of
the design gradually seep into form.

The various fabrics and cuttings are
set, holding the whole thing together.

Now the tailor can work with greater
ease, with the jacket’s chest,
shoulders and other main features
ready to be worked on.
The jacket is put on the model and reviewed.
At this point it is beginning to take its
final form. The sleeve length is measured
and stitched on. This architectural
construction forms the.

The shoulders and neck part hold the
jacket’s essential form. The back
part and hood are adjusted, leaving
the only the minor details to go.

After the buttons and button holes are done and the shoulder padding or pockets are added the jacket is almost complete.

The finishing touches are added, and the item is ready to be sent to the. CLIMBER B.C. production workshop.

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