— Model Tim Ruger — Season Fall Winter — Content

A special time once again. Fashion is re-defined with the simplicity in design perception of the world and with the trajectory of high-quality, qualified design concepts. Of course, the positive steps and trajectories – especially in the field of men’s fashion, is taking its place in the trend literature with the most beautiful examples.

The efforts that we have shown for many years lay the foundation for an existence with more identity. Sought and expected reference. We provide specially-designed collections to men’s fashion in the world every season, with all lines of our certified brands.

While being taken as an example and being an accepted reference were very important indications previous seasons, this season we have kept our success chart at the highest standard and constantly renewed, formulating new equations with new joints have become another dynamic string to our bow.

The samples that we increased in fit forms, stylish casual movements, more elegant and more titillating forms of expression and designs are striking.

Of course, we not only prepared collections – we re-analyze who we were and how we perceived life through our magazine and all the fashion movements of the world that had an impression on us. We provided more powerful indicators to each individual that followed us and whose paths crossed ours.

We have created a new line of individuality. We produce quite intensive synthesis and designs for all characters who love life, and care about fashion and clothing with special style.

The world of Climber, in fact, touches upon and existential and hedonistic extremes of clothing. It distinguishes you from others in a qualified way, with its design perception that composes its own creation and provides pleasure.

Our theme this season is “role model.”

In fact, the title expresses whatever we want to ascribe it, in much detail as we like. A line of existence. For itself, for another and for life.

Fashion is there at every stop … Design is in every detail. It becomes example to the majority with its strong team spirit, brand strength and emotional power of the brand. Show us the way…