Time for sophistication in style

— Model Andrea Marcaccini — Season Fall Winter — Content

Values are changing. A new form of perception – young and creative current permeates modern cul-ture and is affecting the world in a wave of positivity, where economic theories, social debates and cul-tural decrease in global significance, thereby at-taching greater importance to the localized. After all the experiments, we can now start throwing new and fresh ideas at the problems of today and tomorrow in a quest for answers.

Attitudes in fashion and style have been shaped by this radical shift in perception. I’m talking about the pursuit in aiming to find and illustrate what it is that makes one happy. We thus begin, with the documentary “Happy People”, which aims to iden-tify what is real in life. On that note, we have stridden towards a relaxed and sophisticated style.

We have aimed to reflect the zeal of a young amateur in art, with all it’s unhesitant, somewhat naive bra-very – with the more seasoned wisdom of one who knows what is and what isn’t. Whilst giving import-ance to oppositional styles, the design stage of this collection was carried out with a newly formed perception and professional sense of responsibility throughout.

A higher quality, freer and individualized season awaits, signaling a shift in the conceptions and values of global fashion. Brands are changing.

Colors, forms and styles are cool, comfortable and confident in themselves. Young and able designers, brands and experiements are reaching higher; confident and mature.

We are entering, yet again, a period of metamorphis and formation anew. We are essentially reprogram-ming ourselves. We are bringing together all the new values and accoutrements we have obtained.

Just as one composes a piece of music, we aim to express our inner selves in an external form. Our styles thus now rely on their ability to show confi-dence and allow for the imprint of one’s personal stampe, ideas and attitudes.

In light of all these changes CLIMBER B.C. takes its inspiration from the theme “Compose Yourself” this season. In the name of sharing with you our positive new approach, matured through experience and nurtured by experimentation, we would like to share with you a new kind of aesthetics and style in our newly-released collection for the season.