These are unique times…

— Model Oxford Nielsen, Chris Odoriko — Sezon Bahar Yaz — İçerik

Time to take a deep breath and start again. An approach similar to that suggested in Wittgenstein’s work “Remarks on Color”. A time when one comes just that bit closer to conceptualizing themself. Those who seek it can discover a more engaging life-style, and for those who wish, there is a way to live a life closer to your true self. There are so many options to be taken at little cost. “hearing-colors” points to a different conscience.

For millennia man has tried to pin down the idea of what makes us human and what humanity is, and the terms and meanings are still developing today. “hearing-colors “ is a new type of humanity. Actually, a new type of awareness. For it is not simply enough to be human anymore, but to be aware of nature and our place within it.

Awareness increases to power to look forward. It increases the understanding and grace of design.

We are looking into ourselves with more simplicity and more life. For this reason, awareness is the theme of the season. We will make room for further details.

The idea of living well and sporting one’s identity through appearance are converging. We are demanding higher quality cuts, forms and personality in our collections.

Our brands are improving. They are beginning to get to know us. And design is working in better harmony with nature and the universe. The brands are reflecting our values and our values are emanating onto our brands.

A different sense in style forges a different way of life. Bold choices can move us and make us feel free and true. The colors are more personal and toned. Jackets are more upstraight, pants are more aesthetic with chic cuts, while colors are more natural. Shirts, sweaters and shoes of specialized leather evoke the look of a true gentleman at unequivocal ease. A fashion sense that reflects a life lived. In these times it is possible to see homo urbanus becoming one with nature. Living for enjoyments, a hedonist in a pastoral sense.

Going onwards and upwards in the world of men’s fashion, CLIMBER B.C is constantly pushing the boundaries. We are working harder in the name of creating trends, reading currents and increasing our understanding to reflect the life style of the times to produce and create innovative items. We form smaller brands and put on special projects.

Today, we emphasize the “ecologic” aspects of life. The textures and materials we use and the accessories we wear to complete our designs constitute a portrait of the places we hang out, the architecture that grabs our eyes, the designs that intrigue us, our life stories, our inspirations and the images we are exposed to.

We design in order to develop and respond to these stimuli which make up our current everyday. CLIMBER B.C consult every facet of this “numanity” to get ideas. Our personal and heavy responsibility is to be responsible for you.

A new world is being formed or, at least rearranged, with a better understanding and deeper awareness. And we are glad proud to be a part of it.

Now we present it to you

Umit Unal.