New Era and Future Descriptions

In the autumn-winter 2017-2018 collections of Climber B.C. , we emphasize the theme of “New Era and Future Portrayals” of technology and humanity, which are reinforced by the creative power of technology and humanity, in the context of perceptions, dreams and realities in a non-historical understanding of the past, the future and the moment.
Our collection has been brought to life by virtue of the pride of human history which in return, is inspired by our civilizations and by our lovely planet, and we are optimistic about the future that is waiting for us, especially during an era where we are increasing our sensitivity to climate change.

Climber B.C., focus is on dramatized reality, the future’s anxiety-free portrayals, its reflections and all kinds of its visual narratives, without any exaggeration. Let’s talk about the details that stand out in the men’s wear collection.

Our innovations that we emphasize in the proportions, especially the new couples that really show their difference when they are worn, are getting a dynamic attitude in tandem with classical men’s wear. It does not compromise the strong connection between the concepts of elegance and trust. The collection, which we can define as an innovative season, has a complementary look with a more integral structure, with quality product groups liberated with each piece; our collection which has been prepared from fabric selection to forms with intricate quality detail harbors within visual richness, versatility, various alternatives and options.

The single-piece product qualities developed with the tradition of ‟Smart” suits and the player-like persona that we have attributed to classical suits was designed this season to accommodate new fit proposals along with our usual fixtures. It adds a broad and long-term dynamism to Climber B.C. men.

All of the fabric selections are signed by the Italian Biella company. The collection, which is made from special finishing fabrics, strengthens the claim of bringing a new breath to the Italian style.


The concept of “ANTROPECENE” derived from the words “anthrope” (human), “cene” (new century) by the Nobel Prize winner Paul J. Crutzen actually is the name of a new century. It is a definition that covers every data we hold a discussion over. It is an approach that describes the world and time period we factor in.

CLIMBER B.C. Black, with a different definition regarding this century, making this concept more concrete turns it into a starting point. BLACK, while stepping outside the lines in the sense of design and adopting a new trend and attitude of high level claims, with ANTROPECENE concept tells it dynamically, deep and darker. Maybe by over exaggerating, in the most simplified explanation we are showing that with all kinds of greed, wrong fictions while reaching for unneeded luxuries in the guise of comfort, how we are destroying the earth, ruining the balance of the amazingly harmonious universe turning it into BLACK FASHION in this special season.

CLIMBER B.C. that has different protest and creative solutions to fashion groups and BLACK that presents suggestions to street fashion and high level style living; this season specializes in monochrome and militarist groups. And combines again special forms and calm colors.
We see designs that point to innovations and a term of new statements, forms and silhouettes. BLACK 2017-2018 winter collections reflects with a gothic explanation, a production of a digital, multi-color, effective, borderless, limitless change, a term of mature ideas, results with patterns and graphical prints.

We feel in all of the designs with the “Perfect Imperfection” approach that points to all experimental and free-lance work as being acceptable even coincidental results of coincidental art as solid and real. Creative and bold combinations, within BLACK/NS is a composed grouping that is composed this year. It is the name of the collection bringing a variety of esthetics made of different forms and particularly skinny molds in dozens of tones belonging to black and grey and textures of different effects.