Never so overpowering, nor provocative. This passion, which shines by redefining old souls, is now dragging man to new excitements. Those who become free with Jeans, are now wondering where the story extends to. There is stil a lot of road to walk.


─░nspired by woodstock

Every season frees you even more. Are you aware? When you shed from your tiresome search for perfection, what remains is just your essence. Because this is you. The plainness of your soul frees you from all of the chains that tie you down. You are freedom, you were born to live free!

Umit Unal

Umit Unal, who is the consultant for the Climber brand, continues to push the Iimits of courage in the season's definitions. While the story continues, the style changes from season to season and attractive results are obtained. Details, attributes, slogans. .. Here is the Climber 2011-2012 Winter season's situational evaluation from Umit Unal.


The 2011 winter collection, stands before us as the expression of a person being With themselves in a crazy crowd. Owning up to a voice of passion. Setting out on a journey. The moment of going after the shocking rhythm of music. Rock'n' roll. Blues. Folk. Modern Jazz. Pop-end of the 70's.The end of '69.

Different meanings crammed into the name of “Eternal child”. Details that redefine Woodstock and its path. A new sense of freedom. The authenticity of choice. And the authenticity of expression.

Actually, the Climber 2011 Winter brings us a new breath on behaif of us designers. This season, avant-garde, lines, details, cups, and forms prevail in the Climber WorId. With the colors, we can see the pallets regarding the music in areas lived and the Iocations where, freedom, love, and passion were experienced. Clirnber Jeans, adds form and aesthetics to our thoughts, in is most active form this time.

Jean jumpers, unisex form and sharing, and military jackets with music icons evoke admiration. In addition to the jeans, jackets, coats, and trench coat designs woven specially from flannel wool, accessories are also attention grabbing. Woodstock boots and ankle boots, matte and special oiled Ieather shoes and vintage forms and surfaces, large sized bags...

These are the headlines of the functional accessories, costumes and expressions of fashion and the aesthetics of timelessness... Matte Ieather belt with buckles, grey, black, indigo and deep tones, period designs, geometric and slogan writings. A definition of "Peace of mind”. Readable t-shirts and tricot knitwear groups, the 2011 winter special vest collection. Alternatives of denim and wool woven tuxedos and vests.

Perceptions are changing. Gender expressions, not wanting to remain unrequited towards the world's striking stimuli, are changing too. Fashion's game with gender is just starting. Distinct and strong boundaries, fearless details and mimics of freedom sharpening with thick contours... Now, the doors of an androgen world are becoming ajar.

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