Go North. Feel the power that comes with cold. Become the air. Get enwrapped in new feelings, and go with your own storyline. It so strongly individualistic and so natural on an unprecedented scale.


Every season you become more free. Can you feel it? When you rest from the frantic search for perfection, all that you behind is your soul. because this is you. The bareness of your soul, frees you from all your chains. you are freedom itself, you were born to roam free!


I always try to differentiate  brands from each other  by  trying to understand  what they mean. This seems to be a better approach from my point of view. Without forgetting that life does not always balance coincidences.  I get involved in the philosophy of the brand to see where it takes me.
In my relations with brands it doesn't seem to be like buying products. Design to my mind is that which lends itself easily to design. Where the design takes me, the identity it imparts is sometimes the source of my courage.
Some people define this as the “sign of individuality”. Some as freedom.  Fashion has so much to say. How enthusiastic it is to tell everything it has accumulated  over the years in its essence. In actual fashion is a living organism  . It is a language. A source of communication. Generations change but this language renews itself and becomes more vibrant, and recounts the old with  a new interpretation  each time and the new with a familiar style.
In actual as designers we see fashion as a different analytical language. A sociological analysis with a more pragmatist approach. A renewed journey  on life on man and women. The pulse of the street. the psychological makeup of man.
We sometimes see this magical mystical situation  as a   consequential relationship. Its magic  is a recital based its power to hypnotize recounted sometimes in all its naturalness and sometimes completely the opposite.
Where previously the fashion world that adopted a more macho and defined lines, is greeting us with a freer spirit.
Trends, trendsetter currents transform us into emotional warriors that confront habits and lifestyles  with more joy and confidence.
A warrior fighting for meaningful beauty and freedom.  Again whereas previously colours and fabrics and forms repeated superficial statements about fashion, now we are aiming for deeper life styles. And the concepts, the situations we are trying to communicate have become more important than the life style, form and fabrics presented  by the fashion collection.
We are separating from our comrades with a different attitude that comes from the Climber world. We are climbing ever upwards. higher. This is a fashion test. Where we want to raise our lifestyles and our perception haute fashion higher. Join us.


This is a work of transformation from the world of Climber design world this time. anew definition of transformation. The theme is “Nordic”. The most northern point. A persons rise to their own north. This is expansion. The rise is another step in our journey to utopia. The story of an absolute journey of an identity search in youth that is carried forward to late period in that person's life.

Our Climber creations are reinforcing the a new communication language. We are redefining ourselves in an unknown or a little known northern language. This is the effort to describe our excitement by a distant and cold blooded stance.

It is like the Dagur Kari's frames. We encounter the next unknown with serenity. We are nailed to a movie seat at out most exciting point and we get up with a calm and smiling countenance that is hiding all the tears shed and we get ready for the next day. We hide out innermost feelings.

From these hidden meanings we unearth designs that touch upon serenity. As the Climber design team. White. Icy white the shadows of blue and ice blue. Pervading the atmosphere like the aurora lights. Refracting in the ice. Maybe our story is made up of these icy dreams.

Slim and relaxed shapes. Lustrous transparent nuances. Accessories. Special shoes. Our bag and belt designs. But at the heart of our collection, the colour of the northern jean trousers comes from the stories of ice.

The innumerable shades of white. Of the colours of the ice. In the middle of the summer we are reaching out for the ice, without touching the sun. An iceberg. An aurora light rain. And the high fashion Climber designs.

“Climber Androgynous” a creation which is more sophisticated than the usual definitions of the fashion world, where hints of a new design and lifestyle is offered and where we take over a new attitude and a life style. This creation that combines a discreet and elite approach with the perception high fashion is the manifestation of our assertion.

Our fashion and design approach, expresses freedom and individualism, trendy contemporary maybe outrightly brave but discreet at the same time, non-pressurizing, non-judgmental and respectful at the same time. Androgynous star and musicians. Androgynous films and premises. A high fashion approach to fashion, art and lives that every day seem to want to get more distant .

Skinny trousers, slimmer slim and oversized contrasts. We are alongside the new and old existentialism that began with Greta Garbo and continued with a group into the 70's and the 80's .

While our collection consists of androgynous styles with long cut avant-garde t-shirt and shirts it also boasts unisex life style oriented special climber trousers and shoes. Accessories highlight this accent and approach the new owners fashion with the volume of the world fashion.

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